2018 Wedding Fashion Show at Printemps Haussmann

The Wedding Fashion Show at Printemps Haussmann is a moment that I look forward to every year. The setting is magical and the teams of the store transports us, for a moment in a magical world !

2018 Wedding Fashion Show at Printemps Haussmann

This year, the Printemps Wedding we could discover some iconic pieces of beautiful brands such as Mademoiselle De Guise, Costarellos, Elise Hameau, Kaviar Gauche, Laure de Sagazan, Lein, Naeem Khan, Atelier Emelia, etc.

I really liked the selection this year between extravagant and romantic models and more modern pieces with refined and elegant cuts.

We also had a selection of men’s suits where colors mingled with trendy looks.

After a show of about thirty minutes, we were able to enjoy a glass of champagne (even several … those who saw my Instastories will know what I’m talking about!), Delicious macaroons and several workshops. This is also the time when couples can learn about the benefits that the store offers around the wedding.

Printemps Wedding : Beauty Workshops

Printemps offers several customizable services around the beauty of brides. The Wedding Fashion Show is the perfect opportunity to introduce them and give a taste of the services to the guests.

The hairdressers and colorists team Coiffirst offered their expertise on this occasion.

The cosmetics brand Laura Mercier offered an express beauty.

The Jo Malone London team offered a scented hand massage to pamper you to the tips of your nails.

Printemps Wedding : Do It Yourself Workshop

For more inspiration, the Printemps had gathered several workshops. With Désirée Fleurs, we were able to create a small bouquet of face. Indeed, florists have thought of small Parisian apartments and, sometimes, the lack of space in the big cities that demand round bouquets.

The particularity of Désirée is to work with French flower producers. I find the initiative very positive and eco-responsible.

I really liked this workshop and if you want to discover Désirée, it is a hybrid place between florist and coffee in the 11th, at 5 Rue de la Folie Méricourt.

Always more wedding animations

In addition to all these workshops, a Photo Booth area was available with a beautiful setting of burgundy velvet armchairs, a Pipistrello lamp, and a lovely arrangement of plants and flowers. With the girls, we took the opportunity to take some clichés memories.

We also discovered My Bougie Lab, which allows you to customize candles for your wedding and even create candles to offer to your guests. I find the idea very attractive – especially for a fragrances addict like me.

The latest discovery was Papabuble which is a company that offers homemade candies. Papabuble also offers customization of your candies from a certain quantity ordered.

Photos of the show by Chloé Fayollas

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