Customizing IKEA furnitures

Customizing your IKEA furnitures gives them an original look and especially not having the same interior as everyone else. If you buy your used items, the relooker allows you to give them a new life

Customizing IKEA furnitures : revamp a Vittsjo desk

It’s been a few years since I have a Vittsjo office that serves as a beauty stash. I must admit that I was tired of its dark brown color and wanted to give it a look a little more chic. To do this, I went on a golden and marble theme for a very modern effect.

You can find inspiration on the Internet and especially Pinterest to find your dream table!

Customizing IKEA furnitures : how to do?

For a quick realization, I opted for a golden spray paint. This combines both an undercoat and the paint. The only imperative is to spray the paint outdoors because it contains solvents. Of course, make sure the surface is clean. I advise you to pass two coats of paint in order to have the best opacity possible. The way to put the paint is also important : keep the bomb at about twenty centimeters and go back and forth like an S on the furniture. Between each layer, it is necessary to dry the structure at least 2 hours. To finish, I advise you to pass a layer of varnish in order to have a more brilliant finish and a better holding in the time.

As for the tablet, I used a marble effect adhesive. It goes perfectly with the gold and gives this very chic side to the whole. The use of the adhesive is rather simple. Just measure the tablet to cut the right size of adhesive. To apply it, it is necessary not to remove the protection at once but little by little and to rub as and to avoid bubbles.

To finish with the glass, I put small shock absorbers/transparent pads (as for the furniture doors).

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