dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Homemade Chocolates

Hello friends!

How are you doing ?? 

Christmas holiday just started in France and I wanted to share some presents I made!

Some mendiants (with almonds, pistachio, candied orange peel,
dried apricots or grape).

Here's some chocolates with a heart of macarons and salted caramel!

Last, but not least: Florentins! Those are SO YUMMY!

Hope you'll enjoy this time of year: be surrended by the people you love and taste fine food!

Have a good week end,





dimanche 15 décembre 2013

#DIY - CHRISTMAS JAM ¤ Confiture de Noël

Hello my dear!

First, I'm sorry for my lack of news lately! I was drawning at work and it's been several week ends I was away (Metz, Lyon, Paris, cooking blog fair, etc.). I'm hoping you'll forgive me!
I have a lot to write about! I have to get back to feed my baby blog!

December is here and Christmas is coming too fast!
I love making little treats, chocolats, biscuits, etc. at this time of year (and the rest of the year too ;)!)

I wanted to create a Christmas jam. I wanted to share my own little recipe on this blog (and I also made a Youtube video).

French version : Confiture de Noël

Ingredients for 4 big jars:
800ml apple juice (100% pure squeezed)
650g jam sugar
2 cloves
1 cardamome seed
1 teaspoon of vanilla (or pod)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (or a stick)
80 g of dried pears
80g dried apricots
50g dried figs
50g dates
15g candied orange peel
100g almond (or hazelnut or 50/50) roasted
NB: If you do not like any of the ingredients, you can always substitute it!
The possibilities are endless!

1/ Mix the apple juice with the sugar in a pan or any container you'll like to use and bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. When the liquid is boiling, add the spices for about 10 minutes (away from the heat).
After, this time, withdraw the gloves, cardamone, stick, pod...

2/ Add the dried fruits and nuts (mixed a little). Start the heat again between medium and high, leave for about 10 minutes, stirring (be careful not to burn the jam ;) !)

3/ You can leave the jam like that or you can blend the jam to have a smoother texture. I prefer to blend it, not completely. It's quite nice to have little pieces in the jam!

4/ Then test for setting. If setting point has not been reached, boil for 5 minutes more, then test again. Pour into warm sterilised jars and cover immediately.

How to test jam for setting

Test for setting by spooning a small amount onto a chilled saucer. Chill for 3 minutes, the push the jam with your finger; if wrinkles form on the surface, it is ready.

You just have to enjoy this wonderful jam !

Hope you'll have a great week end!



mardi 19 novembre 2013


Good morning lovely peeps!

How are you doing today?
I'm sorry for the last days, I wasn't able to update anything...It's quite CRAZY right now (busy busy)!

Bonjour jolis frimousses!

Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui?
Je suis désolée pour le manque de news ces derniers jours...C'est juste fou en ce moment (trop occupée)!

Abbaye Saint Léger - Soissons

As I said, I was attending the 6th Cooking Blog Fair (Soissons) and it was GREAT!
It was a really discovery and I truly enjoyed it!

Comme je le disais, je suis allée au 6ème salon du blog culinaire (Soissons) et c'était GÉNIAL!
C'était une réelle découverte et j'ai vraiment apprécié!

I met a lot of people, did a cheese battle, taking pictures with Philippe Conticini, partying, eating, laughing...

J'ai rencontré beaucoup de monde, fait une battle autour du fromage avec un panier secret, pris des photos avec Philippe Conticini, fait la fête, mangé, ri...

Battle with secret ingredients + cheese

The final: salade fraîcheur et
 champignons farcis aux abricots crémeux

Philippe and I: a very sweet man!

Foie gras sur purée de panais aux fruits
Stand Monfort

Poulet fourré aux olives et croutte de parmesan
par Paprika et Parmesan

Buffet des desserts

I will write a longer blogpost in french on my cooking blog: Here

Can't wait for next year!

J'écrira un article plus long sur mon blog de cuisine: Here

Vivement l'an prochain!




mercredi 13 novembre 2013


Early good morning!

A quick blogpost to talk about what's happening this week-end in my town!

I live in Soissons and during this week-end (16-17th november), we have a fair organized!
It's all about cooking blog and there will be A LOT of french bloggers and some chefs (they are talking about Philippe Conticini) for cooking demos and ateliers! How cool is that???

I saw the posters in october but I totally forgot about it! 
Hopefully, I was still able to enter my blog (if you don't know about it: Cup&Cake ~ Les délices de Sarah)! YES! So, I'll be intending saturday and sunday the fair!
For the bloggers, we'll be in a cooking high school and for the public, it will be in a very nice abbaye in the center of  Soissons (abbaye Saint Léger)!

Here's the website (in french), if you want to check it out:

Have a good day!



Bonjour matinal!

Je vous fais un petit article rapide sur ce qui se passe ce week-end dans ma ville!

J'habite à Soissons et tout le week-end (16-17 novembre), nous avons un salon qui ouvre ses portes!
Le thème? Les blogs de cuisine et il y aura beaucoup de bloggers français présents et quelques chefs (peut être Philippe Conticini d'après le programme) pour des démonstrations et ateliers! C'est trop cool, non?

J'avais vu les affiches en octobre et j'ai totalement oublié de me renseigner!
Heureusement, j'ai pu encore inscrire mon blog (si vous ne l'avez pas vu: Cup&Cake ~ Les délices de Sarah! OUI! Donc, je serai présente samedi et dimanche à la foire!
Pour les bloggers, nous serons au lycée hôtellier Le Corbusier et pour le public, la foire se tient dans une très belle abbaye au coeur de Soissons (abbaye Saint Léger)!

Voici le lien si vous souhaitez avoir plus d'infos:

Passez une bonne journée!



lundi 11 novembre 2013



For my birthday, I wanted to have a layer cake so I decided to try to bake one with a base of red velvet!
I searched on the internet for recipe. I thought there were quite a lot of butter in the recipe so I changed few things. It was really good and the texture was similar so why not!

You can find the french version here/Version française sur mon blog de cuisine:

It was a 4 layers cake so here what you'll need!

Ingredients for the red velvet:

120g of unsalted butter
3 yoghourts (nature one)
500g of custar sugar
4 eggs
2 tea spoon of vanilla extract
350g of flour
3 pinches of salt
15g of baking powder
30g of cocoa
1 tea spoon of white vinegar
1 tea spoon of baking soda

+ red food coloring

+ raspberries

Ingredients for the frosting: 
(between each layer and for the decoration of the cake)

600g of philadelphia
600g of icing sugar
+ food coloring

Preheat the oven at 180°Celsius.

Lightly oil and flour the cake pans or use silicon pans, as you wish. Personnally, I used a silicone pans for genoeses (and use a pastry circle to resize everything).

In a bowl, mix the butter (at the room temperature) with the sugar until you have a light texture. Add the yoghourts, the eggs and the vanilla extract.

In another bowl, sift the dry ingredients: flour, salt, baking powder, cocoa. Then, mix the dry ingredients with the wet ones until just combined and a smoth batter is formed.

Add the white vinegar and the soda baking in the mixture.

To finish, don't forget the red food coloring (around 2 tea spoons) in the mixture.

You can divide the cake batter evently among the prepared cake pans.

Place the pans in the oven for 15 minutes. Be sure to check with a knife if it's enough (the blade must be clean).
Let cool the cakes completely.

Prepared the frosting. For building the cake, you will need 300g of philadelphia and 300g of icing sugar (it's was very light on the sugar but this is how I like it. If you want to add more sugar!).

Place 1 layer, rounded-side down, in the middle of a rotating cake stand (or a plate). Using a palette knife or offset spatula spread some of the cream cheese frosting over the top of the cake. You can spread berries on the frosting (I used raspberries). On the 2nd layer, I frost one side and place the frosting side carefully over the raspberries. Repeat the process until you've done the 4 layers.
Advice: after doing 2 layers, I left the cake in the fridge for 1 hour to set everything.



Prepared the last half of frosting. First leave it clear and cover the entire cake with it to equal everything. 

Then you can split the frosting into 3 bowls and add food coloring (I used: red, yellow and green). I was inspired by this video from Sweetapolita! My colors were a little bit heavy...

Here the finaly result! I'm proud of it and it tasted very good!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! 
Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Talk to you soon, friends!





Hello there!

What's up everyone?

 had a tiny celebration on saturday night with a couple of friends. It was really at the last minute because I wasn't anticipate this event and most of my friends aren't really nearby.

But I wanted to have some decoration and a cake so, here's a sneak peek of the area!
This is a very girly party !

It was nice and we chilled, talked and laughed!

Stars & marshmallows
Pink ceiling

Homemade feuilletés

Nerries red velvet!

The layers

I forget to smile ;)

I will share in another blogpost the recipe of the cake I bake! Be sure to check it later!

Hope you will have a good week !

Toodle pip!


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